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About Prying Eye

Prying Eye make original and powerful dance theatre work that illuminates the inner voice of human experience. It is led by the dynamic partnership of Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis who direct more than 16 years of national and international dance experience to energise a creative practice that harnesses the power of collaboration and discovery. As respected performers they have danced and collaborated with some of the world's best choreographers and artists. As choreographers they've been granted competitive choreographic residencies including the International Young Choreographer's Project (Taiwan), Powerlab (Brisbane), Fresh Ground (Brisbane), and the Slovenia-Croatia-Australia Artists Exchange. Prying Eye's works have been commissioned for well known Australian dance companies, festivals and tertiary institutions and this year Prying Eye became a recipient of the prestigious Sidney Myer Fund and Tim Fairfax Foundation Capacity Building Initiative. Lizzie and Zaimon are excited to take part in the New Move Network Residency and look forward to meeting and exchanging practice with the arts community in Cairns.

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