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2 people in black & white standing posed in window alcoves.

Creative powerhouse, Prying Eye, defied classification.


Their unique outcomes were created through collaborating with the surrounding world; assembling diverse and exciting voices, approaches, and experiences. 


Vigorous explorers of the human psyche, Prying Eye creatives delved deep into the complexity and ambiguity of the human condition and societal interactions to navigate the frameworks that structured life in the world they lived in.


Traversing the landscape of imagination they transformed their findings to share them through art utilising the animation and articulation of the human body. 


Powerful and entrancing, Prying Eye experiences resonated beyond what words could convey.

Zaimon Vilmanis and Lizzie Vilmanis are still artists at heart but are now utilising their extensive expertise beyond the arts world; embracing making art and being creative as part of living. 


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