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Lizzie and Zaimon's combined credits include working across a diversity of professional roles in Australia and overseas, both within and beyond the dance sector. 


Their comprehensive experience encompasses performing, choreographing, directing, teaching, arts management, arts administration, research, advocacy, production, touring, and more.


Highly sought after, their expertise has been engaged by the likes of Random Dance Company (UK), Attik Dance (UK), Expressions Dance Company (EDC), Dancenorth, Bangarra Dance Theatre, The Queensland Ballet, Leigh Warren and Dancers, Ballet West (USA), Topology, Katie Noonan, Sheppard, Edge of Colour, Feet Teeth, Lady Electronica, Donna Hewitt, Brisbane Festival, Noosa Long Weekend Festival, Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane, Curious Arts Festival, WOW Festival, Cinedans (Amsterdam), Choreoscope (Spain), the! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans (BE), Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Queensland University of Technology, Adelaide College of the Arts, Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, QLD Dance School of Excellence, Sir Robert Helpmann Centenary Awards, Ausdance, Velvet Helmet, Royal Academy of Dancing, Lutheran Services, Ageing Creatively, Dance for Parkinsons Australia, DanceHubSA, Arts Queensland, Australia Council for the Arts, Merge Dance Theatre, Fresh Bred Ensemble, Museum of Brisbane, Mad Dance House, WAW Dance, 2Ballerinas, Dance Direction, Promenade Dance, and Ausdance Educators Queensland.

Respected peers within their dance community, Lizzie and Zaimon co-founded Brisbane Dance Artists Hub in 2010 and Pro Dance Classes Brisbane in 2011. They are currently active participants and regular facilitators of Open Practice whom they initiated the non-festival festival, 'The Workers Paradise' with in 2019.


Creative Directors


In partnership, Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis, shape a unique artistic voice utilising collaboration with other artists.  Under the umbrella of Prying Eye they develop new creative practice and evolve existing practice drawing on the knowledge that they have acquired through their extensive and celebrated careers as artists and arts practitioners that span more than 20 years.  

They created Prying Eye to assemble diverse and exciting voices, approaches, and experiences to shape work of physical, cognitive and emotional depth. To Lizzie and Zaimon, art making is a process of collaboration with the surrounding world. 


Searching for a fulfilling way to interact with others and push themselves and others to create great art, they developed the practice of Prying Eye called "The Collaboration of Creative Minds".  The practice cultivates a fun, supportive environment which challenges and inspires risk taking; creating a shared vision built from multiple perspectives that exceeds what could be built in isolation. It supports finding the balance of production elements; enabling each to contribute effectively to make the primary essence of the experience resonate, enhancing the impact for participants and audiences. Also facilitating exhilarating originality with each new outcome. 


Utilising this practice the creatives involved in Prying Eye work make new discoveries that propel the evolution of contemporary arts and imbed dance within the fabric of place, people, and time.


The strength of the practice of Prying Eye is evidenced through critically acclaimed productions such as "White Porcelain Doll" and "The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf".  Works made using 'The Collaboration of Creative Minds' and that are revered as 'spellbinding, human, committed, resonant, sophisticated, provocative, and courageous'. 

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