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Zaimon Vilmanis

Zaimon Vilmanis in action with a pillow and feathers flying in the piece - White Porcelain Doll

Zaimon Vilmanis has directed and choreographed commissioned works for Expressions Dance Company (EDC), Sybella Blencowe, QUT Dance, Adelaide College of the Arts, Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, Fresh Bred Ensemble, and Outcast Performing Arts. In 2004, he co-founded NARC Dance Theatre (U.K.) and co-choreographed Prying Eye for Resolutions in London, later funded by Yorkshire and Humberside Arts and made into a short dance film.  In 2011, he was selected to represent Australia for the International Young Choreographers Project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and in 2014 he took part in the Annual Slovenia-Croatia-Australia Artists Dance Exchange in Brisbane, Darwin, Maribor (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia). He collaborated with Feet Teeth for Resurfaced (Brisbane Festival 2012), and Donna Hewitt for Lady Electronica Live (Judith Wright Centre 2012). Last year he was Co-Rehearsal Director for EDC's Carmen Sweet community engagement audition tour. Also a revered and experienced performer, his international career has included dancing for Random Dance Company and Attik Dance Company (U.K.), EDC (Brisbane), Leigh Warren and Dancers (Adelaide), as well as for many independent artists in Australia.

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