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Jenni Large graduated from WAAPA in 2010 receiving the Hawaiian Award for most outstanding graduate. Since graduating Jenni has worked independently and with companies across Australia including Dean Walsh, Prying Eye, Cadi McCarthy, Isabella Stone, Aimee Smith (Wintering 2012-13 and Borderline 2014), Sue Peacock (Reflect 2013-14) and Leigh Warren & Dancers (Philip Glass Trilogy 2014). Jenni worked with Tasdance throughout 2012 & 2013 touring and performing work by Anton, Francis Rings, Larissa McGowan, Anna Smith, Marnie Palomares, Byron Perry and the late Tanja Liedtke. Jenni is a founding member of the Dance Makers Collective in Sydney, she dabbles in photography and is learning to surf.

Jenni Large

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