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"White Porcelain Doll"

July 26th - August 2nd

Judith Wright Performance Space, Brisbane Australia

"White Porcelain Doll" evolved out of the "A Likely Distrust Project" ("ALDP") a vehicle through which Prying Eye were investigating our creative practice and collaborative processes.


A resonant contemporary performance work of touching humanity, This work's universal themes of trust are delivered in an environment akin to that of a thriller film, connecting with contemporary culture, and making it a highly accessible work for audiences aged 16+.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body and by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

White Porcelain Doll has been supported by the Judith Wright Centre’s Fresh Ground program made possible through Arts Queensland.

"Forgotten Interlude"

Prying Eye presented “The Whispering Rooms” for the Brisbane Festival 2013 as part of Basement Mixtape’s “Intimate Encounters” hosted by Clare Dyson and Room 60 at Metro Arts on the 13th of September.







"Intimate Encounters"
"Lady Electronica Live Showcase 2012"

In November 2012, Prying Eye collaborated with Dr. Donna Hewitt in a segment of the Lady Electronica Live Showcase at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art.  The showcase was an evening of interdisciplinary and innovative live performance that encompassed a cross-section of electronic music: dance-based genres through to pop/song electronic composition and ambient/experimental works.

Electronic free-jazz trio Feet Teeth collaborated with dance artists Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis in a premiere exploration of textures and gestures for Under The Radar (Brisbane Festival) in 2012.

Digital manipulation of live acoustic sounds from the marimbas, trumpet, drums and objects provided a fluid bed for avant-garde movement. Resurfaced explored the outer-realms of jazz, minimalism, electronica, movement and dance.

Forgotten Interlude was first commissioned in 2009, by Sybella Blencowe, for a tribute performance to her Aunt, Yvonne Daunt. Yvonne Daunt was Étoile with the Paris Opera Ballet in the mid 1920s, but later left to work as an Independent Artist. Evoking elements of Yvonne Daunt’s life, her art and place in the cultural movement of her day, the work explores the tension between safety and risk in artistic and life choices.

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