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Playdate Sessions

Prying Eye in partnership with EDC, who are providing studio space, support the independent dance community by offering sessions where dance makers can focus on developing their creative practice.


Playdate is a monthly gathering of like-minded Brisbane based independent artists to share practice, ideas, thoughts, philosophy and choreography. It is a central environment where artists can debate art, network, and learn.  It's an environment that initiates exchanges between all levels of independent artistic practitioners, from emerging to established artists, academics to professionals.  It's an environment that promotes critical dialogue and reflection on artistic processes and finding, an environment where long term mentorships can flourish and all artists are encouraged to “take risk” to grow and evolve.


Artists are able to come together to inspire and influence each other, exchanging and developing ideas and skills amongst one another.  Seed ideas can be incubated to grow into amazing ideas with the help of a supportive community. 


Playdate provides a vital support network which inspires artists to stay in Brisbane to create amazing art.

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