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The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf

Join the adventure, embrace the unknown, and set the wolf free!

In this spectacular ode to chaos and control, normal gets flipped upside down and swats at the relentlessly buzzing mosquito that is anxiety.  Wolf fables, a microphone, crazy costumes and plenty of ludicrousness converge into a great big hilarious wonderland, seamlessly integrating movement, theatre, spoken word, comedy, and song, to unleash the inner wolf that resides within us all. 

This production has been made in partnership with the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.



Zaimon and Lizzie Vilmanis - Co-Directors/Performers

Charles Ball - Performer

Alinta McGrady - Guest Performer (Brisbane)

​Veronica Neave - Dramaturgy/Script Writer

​Guy Webster - Sound Design

Dan Black - Lighting Design

Jon Haynes - Script Consultant



Supercell Dance Festival 2018

Brisbane Powerhouse, 15th February

​Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018

Tandanya Theatre, 21st February - 4th March

- The Clothesline

"-what a powerful piece." - Weekend Notes

"...absurdly enjoyable and touching..." - The Adelaide Review

"...this production makes fear beautiful." - BroadwayWorld

 "...this fringe show is a must see." - DanceLife Australia

“...It was bloody brilliant.” - TalkFringe Reviews, BankSA

"...a bold interpretation of complex and delicate ideas.  - Mindshare

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