Curious Conversations are part of the Garden of Curiosity at the Curious Arts Festival in Toowoomba.


In these podcasts we talk with artists connected with Toowoomba about the work that they do. We delve behind the scenes to find out about the less visible side to arts and creativity and what’s involved in the work that these artists do. Through these conversations we aim to shed light on the different reasons that people engage with arts and creative activities.


Clare Apelt

Clare is a dance activator and community cultural development practitioner who has worked with diverse populations and needs including children, young people, adults and the elderly.  She is currently working for Lutheran Services within the Creative Programs Advisory team. In this role she applies arts and creative practice within aged care and disability services - a less commonly recognised setting that arts and creativity exist.  

Find out what Clare’s role within these settings involves and learn about some of the projects that she’s worked on. 

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Katy Woods & Meredith Fitzsimon

Katy and Meredith are a multidisciplinary duo from Toowoomba who develop contemporary dance theatre works.  Producing for over a decade their synergistic bond filters into their performance, creating a distinct, surreal and intimate choreographic style.  


Learn about the work they do that sits outside of the traditional theatre setting and find out how they came to work together as well as gain insight into the processes involved in what they do.

Jackson Lindblom

Jackson (a,k,a, Riptidal) is a music producer & artist who specialises in splicing elements of heavy electronic bass music and chill production themes into a concoction of emotional dance music.

He currently studies online with renowned music production academy: ICON Collective and makes his music from a laptop at home - still managing to create high quality music that's on par with many professionals in the industry! 

Gain insight into how Jackson creates music and how he got started with creating music.


Jacob Watton

Jacob is a Queensland based independent artist making work both in Toowoomba and Brisbane and is a man who wears many hats,  having been engaged as an artist within Contemporary Dance, Circus, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Choreography, and as a Teaching Artist.

Find out more about him and his work with technology - including his new work, 'Alexa: Turn The Lights On' that's premiering at this year's Curious Arts Festival.